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    Real-Time Assistance (RTA) is a technological tool that helps poker players during the game by providing instant information or recommendations. These resources are based on mathematical models, game theories or complex simulations to give precise advice on the best play in each situation. In essence, RTA seeks to emulate the logic of game theory to maximize the expected value of decisions at the table.

    RTA grades

    RTA grades vary in complexity and the influence they can have on gameplay:

    1. Low grade:Relies on general reminders or advice, such as predefined tables for starting hand strategies.
    2. Medium grade: Includes simulators or equity calculators that analyze situations in the moment, helping players estimate probabilities.
    3. High grade:Uses advanced programs that run complex simulations in real time, generating the best play in each scenario.

    How can RTA help me?

    RTA can be beneficial to players in various aspects of poker. It facilitates a faster understanding of theory and probabilities, allowing less experienced players to have access to optimized strategies without years of study.

    Additionally, RTA can bolster confidence in decision-making, making players less hesitant about their course of action. This, in turn, can help reduce costly mistakes during the game, such as calling bets when you don’t have the best hand or making ineffective bluffs.

    How can RTA help me

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    Differences between bots and RTA

    Although there are similarities, the RTA differs from a bot. A bot is an autonomous program that plays poker without human intervention, following a set of previously programmed rules or algorithms.

    Instead, the RTA provides recommendations for the player to make the final decision. It is a support tool, while a bot is a virtual player that completely replaces the human.

    Is it legal to use RTA in poker?

    The legality of RTA in poker depends largely on the rules of the room or platform where it is played. Most sites prohibit the use of tools that provide an unfair real-time advantage, especially those that reach the highest degrees of sophistication. The use of advanced RTA, which can automatically deliver optimal plays, is usually strictly prohibited as it provides a significant advantage.

    However, some platforms allow the use of support software as long as it is not in real time or is used outside of games, such as database analyzers, reviewers of previous hands or simulators to study strategies between sessions.

    To avoid problems, it is essential to carefully read the rules of each platform. Precautions to take include:

    • Do not use prohibited software during online games.
    • Avoid sharing information in real time with other players.
    • Use analytics software only to improve off the table.

    There are many people who are beginning to research and learn things about poker and are looking for information about Spin and Go. We know it and for that reason we are going to dedicate this article to answering the question we asked. When you finish reading the article you will know everything about Spin and Go and thus your question can be resolved.

    What is Spin and Go poker?

    The first thing we have to make clear is that Spin and Go is a poker tournament, starting from that premise it is much easier to understand more about the subject.

    If we delve deeper into the topic, we can see how Spin and Go is a hyper turbo tournament that is played by a total of three players, hence why it is so fast. As for the prizes, they are multiplied right at the moment the game begins. That means that the prizes are made randomly. The advantage is that this variety of prizes can sometimes be very high, which is why many players feel interested in this type of tournament. Sometimes it can be up to 1000 times the buy-in, that is, it is really interesting.

    To make the tournament fast, you always start with 25bb in stack and every three minutes the blinds grow. The objective is to speed up the tournament and ensure that the winner can be achieved in the shortest period of time possible.

    Through the team of poker experts at we have learned that this tournament is a great option for cash players. If you consider yourself that type of player, this tournament will surely adapt very well to what you need. I invite you to try it and then you can decide if it is really what you are looking for or not.

    How can you play the Spin and Go tournament?

    If you want to stand out in sit & go tournaments, it is essential to take into account certain guidelines to avoid being eliminated prematurely. First of all, it is crucial to rule out the idea of playing with speculative hands. Avoid investing more than 10% of your stack in opening raises with these types of hands, especially if the investment is high and the implied probabilities are low; In those cases, it is more prudent to withdraw.

    When you are in positions such as the Button (BU) or the Small Blind (SB) with less than 10 big blinds (bb), your room for maneuver will be limited. In such situations, consider folding or pushing, as post-flop options will be slim and a 3bet will be difficult to resist.

    If you have effective stacks of more than 9 bb, it is advisable to adopt strategies such as making minimum raises from the button and 2.5 bb in the small blind. Blind stealing becomes essential in this type of game. If you do not have information about your opponents, you can use tables available on the Internet to guide your strategic decisions.

    It is important to take into account the prize pool multipliers, which range from 2x to 12,000x. In the last five, a distribution of the prize between the three players is generally applied, giving the winner 80% of the total and dividing the remaining 20% between the other two participants, with 10% for each.

    These tournaments offer the opportunity to win up to one million euros with modest investments. Due to the variability in the initial buy-ins, the prizes are very attractive. Additionally, these events are designed to attract recreational players, ensuring a constant flow of participants.

    How to win at Spin and Go

    What is a rounder in poker

    Before starting to play it is vital that you are clear that it is a type of fast tournament and consequently a really important amount of money is going to be moved. To avoid problems, before enjoying this tournament the best thing you can do is be sure that you have the necessary knowledge to play poker.

    In order to have a chance of winning the tournament, it is important that you get rid of the idea that the tournament is casual because it really is not. You should know that this tournament is a great mental test in terms of endurance. For this reason, players who opt for this variety of tournaments usually prepare at that level to be sure that they will really obtain a good result.

    To have a chance of winning the game, it is absolutely necessary that there is no type of distraction. When we talk about distractions, we talk about visual and mental distractions. A feeling can make us think about something else and that causes the probability of winning the game to be zero. Without a doubt, being focused is one of the key factors for success in this variety of tournaments. Remember, everything is very fast, there will be hardly any rest from here, which on a mental level can be defined as a very strong game.

    Experts in this type of tournaments always have two things clear. They only bet on these tournaments when they are mentally prepared. Time limits are also set to prevent the brain from getting tired and errors from becoming more common. And every hour and a half or so you should take breaks to refresh your mind.

    Finally we want to add that Spin tournaments are not the same as multi-table tournaments. There are many players who tend to confuse them and they are totally different. It is important to know that MTT tournaments are played on several tables at the same time, while Spin is only played on one table, but very quickly. They may look the same, but they are really totally different. It is important to differentiate them to play in the type of tournament that really interests us.

      There are many people who have trouble understanding poker betting rounds. Usually these doubts are linked to beginner players, but sometimes they can even reach other types of players.

      Throughout this article we are going to show you the rules of the rounds so that it is easier for you to understand them and so that you can make a proper game. Hesitation can lead to mistakes and those mistakes can result in significant losses of chips. If you keep the rounds in mind, you will be able to play the game correctly, and consequently you will be able to make the right calculations.

      Introduction to turns in poker

      According to, turns are key to knowing when it’s your turn to talk and how many players will talk after you. Playing a J-10 from the dealer with few players behind and good position is different from playing from the UTG, right after the blinds.

      In addition, it is essential to know the order of betting rounds in poker to calculate odds and other strategic considerations. Keep this in mind for your next game.

      What are the betting rounds in poker?

      With the help of EasyPokerApps we are going to show you the four betting rounds. Of course, we want to make it clear that there are four rounds, provided that a player is not left alone in the game and consequently takes the pot. In that case, the number of rounds will depend on when the player wins the game.

      • Preflop: it is the first round and it is when all players have to talk taking into account the hand they have been dealt. This certifies that only the cards of the hand are known, because the first common cards have not yet been shared. Depending on the position and the moves of the opponents, one move or another must be made. The first three community cards are not shown until the bets are matched.
      • Flop: This is the name given to the second round of betting. The second round of betting takes place with the three hole cards on the table. With these cards you can calculate the odds, remembering that there are still two more cards to be shown on the table. Depending on the move you want to make, you will have to make one bet or another.
      • Turn: it is the third round and one of the most important. The fourth card is shown so you can get an idea of whether you have a chance to win the game or not. If you are lucky and the revealed card interests you, the probabilities of winning the hand will be higher. If it doesn’t match what you are looking for, the success rates will drop dramatically.
      • River: this is the last round. It shows the fifth card, so you can say that all the cards are already on the table. Now you must see if you want to call or raise according to the cards. It is important to make the right calculations to avoid unpleasant surprises, even if you choose to bluff.

      Finally comes the so-called “Showdown”. This is the move in which the players who have remained in the game have to show their cards. At that moment it is seen which player has the best cards and consequently the winner of the game is known.

      Who speaks before the poker turns?

      After knowing the different poker turns, it is time to know which player has to speak before or after. Depending on the position you have in the game, the player should opt for one technique or another in order to have more chances of winning the game.

      It is important to know that the dealer will always speak last. With this statement we can certify that the player who will have to speak first will be the player to the left of the button. Fortunately, the button rotates so that in each game the player who speaks first has to change.

      Don’t get confused, the turns are not automatically closed when the dealer speaks. If after what he says there are still players in the hand who have not called the bet, the betting starts again in the same order. After the key moment of the showdown, the dynamics change a little. At this point, the player who made the last raise will be the first to show his cards. The others can decide to show their hands or simply discard them if they don’t have the best play.

      It is important to remember that you should only show your cards when you actually get to the end. If you show your cards without winning, you will be showing information to your opponents that you are not really interested in showing. Remember, in poker we always have to give as little information as possible if we really want to have many options to win the game. Of course, if you want to have a chance of winning in the final part of the game, you will always have to show your cards. If you don’t show them you will be just another loser. Keep this in mind if you are bluffing.

      How can I master the turns in poker?

      As everything in this life, practice, study and play will help you to easily understand the turn and the position you have in each game. If you don’t want to lose money because you don’t have a good orientation in the turn of each game, the best thing you can do is to learn in fictitious chip games. You will enjoy the excitement, you will learn and in return you will not pay in case of mistakes.

      Undoubtedly, the best option to learn is through demo tables. With these tables you will learn without mistakes costing you money. Do not hesitate, use this type of tables and when you are sure you know how to play, then you will be able to play on paying tables.

      There are many players who seek to learn at pay tables and that makes the losses really big. Remember, learn and then you can start playing with real money. In addition, it is important to learn to play at both physical and online tables. The more knowledge you have about poker, the easier it will be for you to reach the professional level.

      Don’t forget that playing poker is always linked to continuous learning. You can’t be satisfied with what you know, you should always look for more learning.

        The discussion of whether poker is a game of chance or a game of skill is eternal. Some people believe that skill is what defines the outcome. Others, on the other hand, say that luck comes first and determines the cards that reach each player. But there is no doubt that, with the cards in hand, technique is the determining factor. It is the same with poker as with most games. You have to know how to play and be skillful, but you also have to be lucky.

        Often, people who play poker talk about good or bad ‘streaks’. If the streak is good, it seems that the player is doing well. If he is on a bad streak, whatever he does, he will lose.

        However, for all the recognition that luck has, the general opinion is that skill takes the laurels. Phil Hellmuth, the most successful professional poker player of all time, has taken this relationship between luck and skill to numbers. “Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck.” A statement impossible to understand from a purely mathematical perspective, but which gives an idea of his concept.

        Why is it interesting to think about this influence of skill and luck in poker? Because there are moments in the game when there is extreme confidence in luck, when the player feels that it is the right moment to win. There are players who speak of these moments as a kind of intuition that tells them that luck is on their side. The straddle can be considered one of those moments.

        What is straddling in poker?

        The straddle is a type of optional bet that is enabled in some games. Usually the possibility of straddle is established between the organization and the players. The straddle player makes this bet voluntarily, without having seen his cards that are still hidden on the table. It is a blind bet, since no one has any idea what cards he has received. Therein lies much of the excitement of this special bet (Habwin).

        The amount paid in a straddle is double the Big Blind, although the table may agree to variations. The big blind is the mandatory initial bet, which means that there is always a pot in every game. It is posted by the player two places to the left of the dealer. After the cards are dealt, the player to the left of the Big Blind is the one who is entitled to straddle, he/she occupies the position under the gun.

        How does straddling work in a poker game?

        As in every instance of poker, position order generates rights. This is also true with the straddle.

        • The first straddle bet is made by the player in under gun position. The rule says that he must bet double the bet of the big blind.
        • What is the benefit of the straddle player? He acquires the right to be the last to speak, to bet or re-bet in the first two-card round, the preflop. Therefore, he gets a strategic improvement in position, since the other players must act before him. The player who paid the straddle bet can raise if the others call his bet.
        • There are poker rooms that support multiple straddle. How does it work? If the player who follows the straddle player in order of play also opts for a straddle, he will be able to re-straddle. He will double the bet of the first player and so the series of straddle players can continue. Each one doubles the bet of the one who bet before. This system determines that the pot can be very large.
        • The straddle is an optional bet that is allowed only in the first round, in the preflop, which is a two-card round. After that, on the flop, turn and river, play continues as normal.

        Is the straddle a raise from the blind or another blind?

        The concept of whether the straddle is a raise of the big blind, or whether it is a new blind, is debated by many. The tendency in the opinions of professional players is to consider it a blind, not a raise. It becomes the new big blind that marks the minimum preflop bets.

        What are the effects of straddling on the game and the players?

        The straddle makes the game more ‘violent’, as players say. Straddle games tempt you to play more aggressively, to take more risks. It adds adrenaline to the game. Everyone has the obligation to bet what the straddle marks, so there is more money at stake.

        There are players who believe that it is only worth risking a straddle if the person making the bet is considered stronger and more skilled than the rest of the players. Experts advise beginners not to participate in straddle games, as it is difficult to keep control of the pots. Unless you have a solid bankroll (resources available for betting) to withstand the bad streaks. In general, the straddle in poker is usually agreed in high stakes games, such as High Stakes and Nosebled.

          Fortnite is still one of the most played and most popular video games available on many platforms. Millions of fans play this game on a daily basis but, if you are here, you are not one of them. Don’t worry! In this post we will help you to understand the importance of Fortnite, how to play it and the many modes it has.

          What is Fortnite?

          You start in Fortnite by getting dropped onto an island where you will need to compete to the last player or the last team standing. This way, Fortnite is a collaborative game in which you will need to find some allies –friends or random people- to survive in an open-world environment. In order to do so, you will battle other characters controlled by the machine –the game itself- or some other players.

          Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite consists of a battle royale game. Your only purpose on this game will be to be the last one to stand –and there will be a hundred of you!-. How can you survive them all? Well, it’s going to be messy, as you can imagine. You will need to fight to pick up as many weapons and items as possible, weapons and items that will serve you to get to the center of the map.

          At the early stages of the game you won’t find many players, so it might easy at first. This is because the game has an only single map for any particular season, something we are not accustomed to on traditional multiplayer games. As the game keeps on, a ring closes towards the central point on the map. Be careful so your character is not caught outside the ring or it will be dead.

          Fortnite’s game modes

          This video game has various game modes and the gameplay will change significantly depending on which one you choose. We are going to explain you the most important features of Fortnite’s game modes so you can choose the one you want to play first.

          Battle Royale

          Fortnite Battle Royale is available to play on consoles, PC and mobile for free. As soon as you arrive to the island, the battle begins, so be fast and team up with friends or some other players to outlast other players and to be the last one remaining.

          The Battle Royale game mode has always novelties on items, weapons, vehicles… And the developers are always preparing special events and Seasons that bring a new theme to the island. This way the game is always fun and dynamic.

          Party Royale


          Party Royale is a game mode that has nothing to do with Battle Royale. This one consists on obstacle courses, movies, concerts, boat races and more. To summarize, Party Royale is a Fortnite’s game mode to chill and relax. It’s, of course, also free.


          Creative is the game mode that allows to create and manage your own island. That way, you can also create your own game and its rules so your friends can be invited by you to have fun. But it’s not only about creating your own games and rules, since you can also decide your own scenery and make your island look the way you want it to.

          Save the world

          This game mode also needs you to team up with other players, but this way the purpose in doing so is to resist the many monsters you will find around the map. Husks –the monsters portrayed in the game- will give a hard time, but you can improve your character by finding loot and crafting weapons. And not only is important to become stronger, but also building a base and having it fortified with traps to make the Husks stay away from you.

          What makes Fortnite so popular?

          If you have arrived here, you won’t have many doubts about why Fortnite is the favorite video game for so many players, but we are going to tell some of the most important features that make it a must for everyone.

          • It’s free, you won’t need to pay to play.
          • It’s available on a huge range of devices: consoles, mobile phones, PC, Mac, iOS and even some Android devices.
          • It’s a quite immersive experience without being a difficult game.
          • A multiplayer game has a duration of 30 minutes or so, so it’s not a long experience and, furthermore, players can re-enter a new game as soon as they finish the first one.

          Is Fortnite a safe video game for kids?


          Fortnite has more than frequent scenes of mild violence, which makes it be rated 12+ by PEGI. However, it’s not unusual to find kids under 12 playing. Parents need to be aware of the safety concerns and make sure that their kids play safely. Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, for example, is a multiplayer game with an unmoderated chat that players use to communicate by voice or on-screen, exposing kids to inappropriate language or even grooming. Being like this, how can you protect your child?

          Tips to safeguard your kid if he’s playing Fortnite

          • Fortnite has some privacy settings, being this:
            • Public: anyone can enter your child’s online game
            • Friends: only his friends can join his party
            • Private: no one can enter unless your kid’s invites them
          • You can also disable the Voice-Chat.
          • Make sure your kid knows what to do if some other player speaks to him in an inappropriate way or if he gets asked for personal information.

          IT doesn’t matter if you decide to set parental control or if you don’t, because Fortnite is a great game both for parents and their children to play together.

          One of the greatest advantages if you need to buy a gift for a gamer is the fact that you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to surprise him or her. With the 20 gift ideas for gamers that we have prepared for you, you will succeed no matter your budget.

          Even if you don’t know exactly what kind or games or consoles your friend prefers, you can still make the best out of your gift, since we have some universally fun gift ideas that will make you score points with your gamer friend!

          Here we offer you the best options for you to give the perfect gift. Read them and choose yours!

          Gaming keyboard and mouse

          A standard keyboard and mouse won’t be enough for gamers. They need mechanical and extremely responsive keyboards that are able to register multiple buttons hit simultaneously to perform complex commands. The same thing happens with the mouse, since gaming requires to adjust the mouse’s spatial sensitivity to meet the needs.

          Some brands where you can find the best options are Mars Gaming or PickTech.

          Super Nintendo Classic Mini

          The greatest option for nostalgic people! This Super NES Classic has the original look even if it’s way smaller than the 90s original. It comes fully loaded with 21 games, including Mario Kart and Street Fighter II. One of the best advantages of this console is that it is compatible both with the Classic Controller and the Classic Controller Pro. Your friend will have the best 16-bit retro gaming experience updated for modern times.

          Phone gaming controller

          Since 2007, smartphones have been including many games and some of them are even funnier when played with a traditional video game controller. There are some specific controllers for iPhone and some others compatible with iOS or Android. The vast majority of them are wireless and have a long-lasting battery that, with an ergonomic design, will make gamers enjoy the experience on their phone.

          Virtual Reality Headset

          This gift may look expensive, but there exist some low-cost options, like the Oculus Go, which comes with built-in audio and vivid optics making it one of the best options of the market. Also, it synchronizes with other VR devices to achieve multiple players to interact in the same game.


          Yes, we know it’s not a video game or an accessory but there is a great correlation between gamers and drones since this machines are so much fun to fly. This gift also has a great range of prices, so no matter your budget, you will find the best option.

          Book ‘The Game Console: A Photographic History from Atari to Xbox’

          If your friend is a gamer who also enjoys the culture around gaming, this book will take him or her through the evolution of video game hardware. Thanks to the full-color pictures, this book will be nostalgia trip that will teach him or her stuff about the consoles he or she knew existed and some others that might discover.

          Nintendo Switch Accessory Set Pack

          Does your friend have a Nintendo Switch? Then you might already know that there’s no shortage of accessories for it: tempered glass screen protector, protective cases, silicone grips for the Joy-Cons, wheels, tennis rackets, charging stations and more are included in some bundle accessories kits. Some of this accessories are a must to protect the console from scratches, dust or fingerprints and some others will maximize the gaming experience.

          Copper Compression Gloves

          Among the health risks gamers face are early-onset arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Copper compression gloves are especially designed to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow, which helps to relieve the pain and to reduce the swelling of muscles.

          Gaming-themed bedding

          Gaming-themed bedding can be a great decoration to a gamer’s bedroom. If you have a tight budget, this gift can be a perfect option since it will allow your gamer to decorate their bedroom and will be a nice addition to the deck furniture.

          Blue light-blocking eyewear

          It is well-known that extended screen usage can make a mess out of your eyes because of excessive UV exposure. That’s the reason why gamers’ eyes need protection. The best brand for this purpose are Swannies, the computer glasses that help to prevent insomnia, eye strain and some others harmful effects of long exposure to screens.

          Sega Genesis Mini

          If your gamer was a kid in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s he or she will most likely remember the Sega Genesis since it was the console of some favorites, like Sonic the hedgehog, Street Fighter or Castlevania. Now the Sega Genesis Mini gives you the chance to play this and other 40 games on your modern TV just by using an HDMI cable.

          Noise-canceling headphones

          To gamers is more than important to achieve the sense of immersion in the game, something that can be easily ruined by external noises. Luckily for them, headphones have evolved to a better sound isolation. You will find some noise-canceling headphones under $100 and over $450, so you can choose them taking your budget into account.

          Gaming Clothes

          Gamers are geek people, they can’t avoid it and we don’t want them to stop being like that. They like t-shirts with messages or drawings of their favorite games. Some of the funniest messages you can find imprinted on a t-shirt are:

          • I paused my game to be here
          • Away From Keyboard
          • Do Not Disturb: I’m Gaming
          • I don’t get older, I level up
          • I can’t adult now, I’m gaming

          Phone cases for gamers

          One inexpensive but practical gift for a gamer are the gaming-themed phone cases. You will only need to know his or her phone’s model to buy it. There are a lot of phone cases you might like, from characters to console simulators, so you will be able to choose from a wide range of opportunities.

          Gaming chair

          Comfort during long gaming marathons is very important, as any gamer would tell you. Some players dedicate 8 hours per day to play, so imagine the terrible back and neck pain the suffer. A gaming chair will make the sessions more pleasant and will help to avoid harm. Some brands we like are Kinsal and Mars Gaming, which offer the most comfort.

          Funkos of their Favorite Game Characters

          If you know which is the game your friend loves the most or his/her favorite character, you can opt to buy one of the popular POP! figures. They are not expensive and you will find a Funko for almost every single video game. Take profit of your endless opportunities!

          Consoles Gift Cards

          It doesn’t matter if your friend is akin to PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. The most practical solution for special occasions is to purchase a gift card and let your friend be the one to decide the use of it.

          Projector for games

          The best way to play games is on a big screen, that’s for sure. But not everyone can afford a huge TV, so projectors are the best option for a special present for gamers. The price may vary a lot, but with a low-cost projector your friend will be able to have the greatest time.

          T-shirts or Hoodies for Gaming Couples

          Maybe it’s not only a friend you want to give a gift but a couple! There are some options, like identical t-shirts or hoodies that are also gaming-themed. The best ones (both for price and quality) are the Razer’s ones, so check them out.

          Eero Home WiFi System

          You may not have heard of it, but eero is a system that allows to have the greatest WiFi speeds. It’s better than dual-and wireless routers and stops the floors and walls from being an obstacle that ruins the online multiplayer experience. As you are starting to guess… it’s the best ally to gamers.

          Do you know that turning your video gaming passion into a career in game development is possible? In this post we bring you all the secrets about how to go from amateur player to video game professional.

          With the challenges of ever-changing technology, tools in constant development, the difficulties to accomplish the schedule and the endless dare of trying to make a ‘funny’ game, it doesn’t come as a surprise to understand that there is no easy way to break into game development and forge a career path on this very competitive job market.

          First of all, you will need to master complex programming languages and keep training yourself to build a strong portfolio that can stand out from the pack. Yes, this will take years of hard work to even be close to create a video game, but it will be worth it.

          Are you still motivated? Then keep on reading our tips on to how to become a game developer!

          Be the greatest student


          This will be the point that will not come to you as a sacrifice because we are going to suggest that you play and play and keep playing. The greatest novel writers were first adept readers and the best musicians have listened great music first. With this we mean to say that you need influences. There is no way you can develop a great video game if you haven’t played the greatest video games of history.

          And play them mindfully, not only for fun but also to better understand the decisions its game developers made about the narrative structure, the storyline, characters building, the graphics and how everything is put together.

          Become part of the gamers community

          This tip is quite obvious, like the one before it. You need to become an active part of the community to connect and understand deeply what your future audience –gamers- like and what do they look for in a game, what’s enjoyable for them.

          Also, being active will make you have a greatest understanding on how to become a game developer and also get connected with the industry already and even getting your first job on it. This may look naïve to say, but don’t you know that Ion Hazzikostas, World of Warcraft’s Game Director, was only a Guild Master of Elitist Jerks on a WoW forum? It was because of that that he was invited to work at Blizzard Entertainment so this might happen to you as well.

          Decide your end goal before you start

          Some people think that by getting a college degree they will get a role in game development, but the truth is that this market does not work that way. First of all, you need talent and a willingness to always improve your skills and the ability to adapt fast.

          As we said when we started this article, game development is an extremely complicated market and a very competitive one. Trying to succeed on it without having a plan it’s kind of a professional suicide, so we recommend you to think what your end goal is. To make this easier for you, we can recommend you to cover some essential things, like the next ones:

          The game engine

          The framework that serves to build the game is important, because it handles aspects like the game’s physics, its AI, the scripting of in-game events and many other things.

          The programming language


          It will entirely depend on the engine you choose, but the most learned are C++ or C#. The first one is quite more complicated than the second, so we recommend you start with C# and get the fundamentals of game programming before getting yourself involved with C++.

          Turn your process into a game

          To some people it’s a great idea to gamify their process. That way, they have the feeling they are learning quite more. And remember that spending long hours coding and practicing is the best idea if you really want to learn and master game development.

          Get the correct education

          Years ago, when people started in this world, there was not such a thing as a degree. Today there exist courses and degrees on fame simulation programming and people are being taught C++ even if many times they lack the game experience.

          As we said, having a degree is never enough. You also need the talent and a portfolio, so get some GitHub repos or include the games you’ve created, even if they are quite simple.

          Also, to keep up you can always search news and conferences on game developing and even find some industry insiders through connections on the Internet.

          Decide your career path

          Of course, making this decision from the beginning can be quite difficult. But you need to think how you want your careen in the gaming industry to go. Of course, the easier way on how to become a game developer is by progressing from employee to much more.

          Everyone is obsessed with the game of the moment. We are speaking, of course, about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even if this exclusive Nintendo video game was released on March 20, there is still a huge amount of people playing it, -some of them arriving to the 500 hours played- something we can understand if we take into consideration the updates and additions they implement to make the game more dynamic and funny, like the novelties adapted to the season or festivities, like they did in summer by adding the possibility to dive.

          One of the most important features about this video game is that it allows you to customize the player’s face, hair, clothes… But not only that, you will be able to customize your house –wallpapers, floors, furniture- and even the patterns of the ground in-game!

          But, what type of game is Animal Crossing and why so many players are obsessed over it?

          What is Animal Crossing?

          If you are here and know absolutely nothing about this game, don’t worry, you won’t need to look it up because we are going to explain to you what is Animal Crossing. Do keep up!

          Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nothing more than the latest edition in a series of Nintendo games that date back to 2001. This series consists of communication simulation games with a non-linear system. This means that they have some kind of a beginning, but there is no middle and no end. Of course, it’s non-violent and it’s rated ‘E’, which means that can be player for everyone who is more than 3.

          As a player, you will take the role of a human being in a village of round-headed animals and will need to take on tasks from some of the villagers and pay off your mortgages –the Bells you will owe to Tom Nook in order to construct and expand your house-, do some gardening and even fish and catch some bugs.

          Objective of the game Animal Crossing

          As we have explained, Animal Crossing is the kind of video game what has an open-ended life simulation, so this means the objective of the game does not exist per se, but the players are free to do as they like.

          The only objective there exists is to pay the mortgage place upon your house, but this is entirely option, since there doesn’t exist any consequence if you do not do so. When you pay off you mortgage and create your tower, eventually you will become Mayor and you will be able to do some Public Works Project. But the most important thing is to make money to play for your mortgage.

          The way to make money, actually, is by fishing and catching bugs, as we will explain next.

          Fishing in Animal Crossing

          The first thing you need to know is the three locations where you can catch fishes: rivers, ponds and the whole ocean. You can fish many items in the Animal Crossing series by using a fishing rod. Some of them will serve you to be donated to the museum in case you want to decorate your aquarium or even place it inside your house! Some others are more lucrative, this meaning that you can sell them to Tom Nook or Reese.

          Fishing depends on the season. This means that some kind of fishes will only appear on summer –the time of the year where there is more variety and quantity-, autumn or spring. During the winter, unluckily you will not find many fishes, so maybe you should pass the time taking other tasks.

          In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will find a total of 80 fish including rainbow trouts, anchovies, eels, barreleyes, etcetera. As a curiosity, we can tell you that some species you will find are not fish but aquatic species, like the octopus or the frog.

          If you want a trick to maximize your success when fishing: don’t run near the water, since this might scare away the fish.

          Catching bugs in Animal Crossing

          Bugs are also collectable items in the Animal Crossing Series and you can catch them by using a net. As it happens with fish, bugs can also be donated to the museum, placed inside your house or sold to Tom Nook, but you need to know that most of them are not worth.

          In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are 80 types of bugs and, if you get to catch them all, Tortimer will reward you with a golden net which will make much easier to catch butterflies.

          Unlike fish, you will find bugs in all kind of locations: in the air, trees, rocks, grass, the beach, flowers and some of them are even hidden in snowballs! But you need to have in mind that some bugs will only appear if you perform special actions. It’s the case of flies, that require for you to leave trash on the floor or wasps, that will only appear if you make their nest fall.

          Turnips in Animal Crossing

          It all comes back to turnips, since they are the real way to turn rich and build the house you dream of. And it’s quite simple: you will only need to buy turnips, sell them and repeat.

          Turnips can only be purchased on Sundays from Daisy Mae, a character that will wander around your island. Don’t worry, you will recognize her easily because of the turnips of her head.

          Be careful if you buy them, because they will rot if you do not sell them within one week. Their price fluctuates, like stock market itself, so you will need to think twice, because will either win or lose money depending on when you choose to sell them.

          To sell the turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will need to go to Timmy and Tommy, on Nook’s Cranny. Be aware that they change the price twice a day, first in the morning and another time at 12PM, and price fluctuates madly, so you should try to sell them at a much higher price than when you bought them.

          Another trick to sell turnips in Animal Crossing is to take into account that the prices differ within the islands, creating for you the chance to get a good price. Here is when it comes important to know people who also play this video game, so you can go to their island and sell your turnips there. Some people even publish on Twitter the price of their turnips on social nets such as Twitter of Facebook, so have a look there every day to make the best benefit.


          As you can see, now that you have reached this point, Animal Crossing is the type of videogame were you will take pleasure in building houses, fishing and catching bugs. The most satisfying thing about this game is that there is no way to play it wrong because the rules are clear and it’s a lot like real life.

          There’s plenty of people playing at poker online games nowadays, since it’s one of the easiest ways to have some fun online, with other people, and with the chance of winning some cash. However, not everyone is good at playing poker, so it ends up being a quite expensive hobby if you don’t know how to handle well your money. If that’s your case, don’t worry. It’s not that easy to be good at a game like poker, but here are 7 tips that will help you to win at poker online games. Pay attention and forget about losing money.

          Learn when to fold

          One of the main problems of some poker online players is that they don’t want to fold, even if they have a bad hand. That happens quite often because they think they can win, and even when they don’t think so, they just want to know how the game develops with them playing it. I know it can be weird, but people can be really curious, and, also, they don’t want to feel as cowards. However, and first of all, knowing when to fold is not being coward, it’s being smart, specially is you’re not playing only for fun but for money too.

          Some players refuse to fold because that means losing their chance of winning, but not folding when you should could mean losing more money. If you’re not sure whether to call or fold when a new bet is made, you probably should fold. Also, and take this as a further advice, folding shouldn’t mean give up completely the game. You should keep paying attention and taking notes about how the game continues developing once you’re out, because that will help you to know if your move was the right one, and you can keep learning.

          Play low-stakes

          This is one of the most important tips you’re going to get when talking about poker, as they tell us at EasyPPPoker. Playing low-stakes is the number one rule if you want to play it safe. Obviously, you can raise your stake when you feel more confident as the games goes on, but if you’re new playing poker online the most important think you should keep in mind is to keep your stakes as low as possible. In order to know how to win at poker online games, you need to know how to play them properly, meaning that if you’re playing for the first time and you’re winning your first hands you’ll end up with more money, but if you lose them, you’ll just lose a small amount of money.

          Play only if you really want to

          Poker is a game, which means it’s supposed to be fun. There are many players who start playing to make money instead of having fun, and that could be their downfall. If you’re angry or you’re not really feeling like it, you shouldn’t play, not just because that could be a problem for your health, getting obsessive about a game, but because you’ll be better at poker online games if you’re in a good mood. If you’re not, you’ll not be able to see the good chances or to play well your hands, which will take to lose all your stakes. It’s quite difficult to not know if we’re in a good mood for a play, but a way of knowing if you’re ready to play is picturing yourself losing every game, and not being bothered by it. It’s your case? Then you can play!

          If you opponents show weakness, attack

          This is a quite simple statement, but a lot of players don’t make the right move when it happens. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know how to notice if the opponents are hesitating, so one of the first things you need to learn is how to tell if the other players are unsure about their game. You’re probably hear about bluffing, since it’s one of the main strategies at playing poker, so you have to learn how to perceive it. This kind of knowledge comes with experience, but, at some point, you’ll be able to tell if your opponents are at a disadvantage.

          If you think they’re showing weakness, you have to attack and play more aggressively, because that will probably push them back and it’ll be easier for you to win.

          Play in a single table if you’re a beginner

          Playing online gives you the chance of playing in more than one table at once. Nevertheless, and even bearing in mind that playing like that is quite tempting, you should learn how to play in one table and feel confident with your game before playing multi-tabling. Poker rules are not really difficult to understand, but playing by them can be harsh if you’re still learning, mainly because you’re betting your money and you want to win, so you better learn how to do so.

          Playing multi-tabling can be distracting and you could lose more than one hand, if not all of them. If you feel confident enough, and in control of what you’re doing, you can being adding tables to your game, but keeping in mind that there’s a slight risk of losing more money if you’re not able to pay attention to all of them the way you should.

          Know yourself

          I know, it sounds like some eastern Philosophy mantra, but we’re not talking only about knowing oneself as a person but as a player. Remember, as we told you before, if you’re in a good mood you’ll be a better player, but the best thing you can do to be good at poker (and, therefore, a winner) is to keep records of your games. If you do that, you can tell when and at what are you better, which ones are your weakness and your strengths, in short: what your poker skills really are, and what you need to improve.

          Since we are used to exaggerate things, the best thing you can do is try some software designed for that kind of records, or write a journal to know exactly what and how happened, because that way you can’t be wrong, since you’re not only trusting in a few notes and your memory.


          Sorry, but yes, you have to study if you want to become a winner. Poker online games are games, as their own name suggests, but are strategy games and have plenty of rules. Studying poker will make you an expert in a game, resulting in a better game and constant improvement. Luckily for you, poker is a really interesting game and there’s a lot of interesting information, so if you want to study it and take it seriously it won’t be boring or demotivating, but really captivating and even fun. So, give it a try, and remember: don’t study just poker, but yourself too.

          Now, have fun!

          Are you looking for the best poker site to play online? The vast majority of online poker sites allow their users some clear advantages when speaking of playing for real money, but that doesn’t mean those players are safe. To save your time, we’ve elaborated this article to let you know the best option to play online poker.

          Our experts have ranked some of the most popular poker sites taking into account if those sites are licensed and regulated, searching the history of payouts and checking if the variety of payment methods is wide. Our experts have also cared about the software tech used on the poker sites analyzed and the playability they offer.

          How to know if a poker site is secure

          The most important thing to take into consideration when you’re about to play online poker is knowing if those sites have passed some checks that may guarantee your security. Those checks are the following:

          Licensed and secure

          All online poker sites must have been independently regulated in order to guarantee that they are secure and safe to play there. Furthermore, we advise you to look for those sites that hold legitimate certifications and those that are 128-bit SSL encrypted, since this is the strongest type of protection measure that currently exists.

          Fast payouts

          Our recommendation is to always search those online poker sites that offer you fast payouts. Reliable sites to play online poker are those that make it easy to deposit and withdraw your funds as fast as possible.

          Variety of payment options

          When playing poker, it’s important that the site chosen provides you a nice choice of payment methods. The best are always Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill or Neteller.

          The best site where to play online poker: EasyPPPoker

          EasyPPPoker is known for offering some of the easiest poker games online of real quality. They work with a very smooth mobile app where you’ll be able to play online poker from anywhere in the world and that guarantees you the greatest update in terms of functionality and design for both beginners and experienced poker players. It’s been licensed and certified by GLI, a seal that guarantees the site is trustable and reliable by and independent testing and an inspection of electronic gaming products.

          But what really convinces us about this online poker site is the fact that it allows players from around the globe to play at the best PPPoker clubs. Playing at private poker clubs such as the ones EasyPPPoker offers certifies that the game will always be impartial and that no hinder to the game will exist, especially when playing at the five most trusted clubs of the PPPoker community: Hakkasan, 226, Time2Win, Neon or Choco Club.

          One of the greatest advantages of using EasyPPPoker is knowing that it has been developed by poker lovers and aimed to poker lovers, which means that the game guarantees you a deep understanding of poker and the certainty that the game is well cared about, being free of tricks and cheats. Also, anonymity is guaranteed on EasyPPPoker so you won’t have to submit any kind of personal data, not even to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

          Another important point is the enormous variety they offer to both deposit and withdraw your money. They work with e-Wallets and cryptocurrencies with nice offers and bonus, such us Bitcoin, Revolut, Neteller, Skrill, Transferwise or Ecopayz.


          As you can see, choosing the best online poker site may seem a challenging task, especially for someone new to the poker world and who doesn’t really know what type of poker they want to play.

          Nonetheless, whichever your poker experience is, this poker site review will help you to play at the best poker site, since it works by user levels and allows you to win skills and gain confidence game by game. Enjoy the experience!

          Do you wanna level-up your gaming experience and looking for the next piece of hardware to upgrade? If you haven’t already, you really should get a SSD disk. This will boost many aspects of gaming performace. Have no idea what we’re talking about? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all you need to know about SSD disks and their benefits for gaming.

          But what are SSD disks anyway?

          You probably know what’s a HDD and what it’s for, so basically a SSD is the same, but better. Much, much better. A Solid-State Drive is usually smaller, cheaper (compared to HDDs that offer the same benefits) much faster and it also uses less PC resources when in use. This affect any kind of operation you do on your computer, but does this also affect gaming? Mostly yes. It won’t boost the framerates of your favorite games (your GPU is the most responsible piece of hardware for that job), however there are other fields in which SSD excel.

          Faster loading times

          Want faster loading times? By all means get an SSD. Since it’s faster than an HDD, it will also reduce loading screens AND loading time in general, even out of those loadings screens. If your game stutters or it’s usually “hitching” (when the game is not loading fast enough to keep up with your pace, so it feels slow), a SSD is exactly what you need.

          It worths noting also that SSDs are also used for web hosting, because Hosting SSD has a huge impact in the loading speeds of websites as well. For example if you’re actually on the other side of the coin and is the game developer and have a browser / web-based game, having such game or website hosted on an SSD is really the best option to offer experience to the players.

          Better performance consistency

          There’s one thing that HDD are still better than SSD: the durability. A HDD will usually last longer than a SSD. However such durability comes with a price for HDDs in terms of performance. A HDD may out-live a SSD, but it will decay faster as well in performance. That brand new HDD will lose performances over the months / years, the same doesn’t apply to the Solid-State Drives. They will also lose performance just like any other piece of hardware in general, but in a much slower pace than a SSD. Also since it’s small, it’s much easier to replace than HDD.

          So, SSD or HDD for gaming?

          If you have the budget, SSD for gaming all the way. A SSD-only computer may be a bit expensive, but having both, while using SSD for gaming, its very affordable and you’ll surely notice the difference. HDDs are much cheaper and usually get the job done, however don’t expect peak gaming performances most of the time.

          Commonly people use both of them, one HDD with big storage size and a smaller storage SSD that are usually used just for the operating system and games. There’s also an alternative to this called SSHD, short for Solid-State Hard Drive, and it’s basically a mix of both worlds in one piece of hardware alone. They automatically check with apps and games you use the most and move them to the SSD or the HDD part accordingly, removing the hassle of managing that yourself.

          It’s undeniable that the video games industry is getting more popular every year. The market is growing, jobs are getting better paid but also the competition is fiercer. However it’s easy to miss the basics of a job interview and end up not getting the job at all. If like many other people, you went to dozens of video game development job interviews and still didn’t get that dream job, read our easy missable tips and good luck on your next interview!

          Don’t overdress

          People tend to put on the best looking clothes for a job interview, and while for some business it’s important to be very well dressed, the gaming industry is a bit different. Usually contractors for this kind of business don’t really care that much by the way you look, they are more interested on what you can offer to the company. You can put back your Armani suit in the closet and dress more casually for your interviews.

          Research and sell yourself

          This next tip comes from our friends at Bizneo HR and is most likely one of the best tips for any kind of job interview Having a nice curriculum is very important for any job interview, but what if you jus got out of college? Maybe you have little to no experience on the field, so why should any company hire you? You have to sell yourself. Show them why you’re the right person for the job. Talk about your experience, why you’re applying to the position, your passion for game development, etc.

          It also helps a lot that you research the company background, knowing about the business beforehand helps a lot knowing the kind of approach you need to take. Any contractor will love to know you’re done your homework.

          Prepare yourself for all possible questions

          Why are you applying to this job? Why video games development? Why did you quit your last job? What salary? Can you do extra time? More often than not, HR o whatever person will do your job interview will bombard you with questions. It’s very important to not also answer correctly, but also to show enthusiasm in your answer. If a contractor asks you why you’re applying, show your passion for the business and that you’d fit the company perfectly as you share the same vision.

          Sometimes you’ll be tested as well. Be prepared for those, since even if you ace the interview but fail on their test, you won’t get the job for sure. Some research will allow you to learn the kind of tests that are common for these kind of interviews.

          Be punctual and do not lie

          We may feel that a little lie here and there increases the chances of getting the job, but lying can be a major step-back to getting any job at all. For example, imagine that you said you work perfectly under pressure, but it’s actually the other way around. Perhaps you get stressed easily and end up getting fired for not getting your work done. Always tell the truth, for both you and the company’s sake.

          Punctuality is also a overlooked trait. Anyone can say they’re punctual, but how about showing it actually? Start with the job interview appointment, do not only show on time but also show up a few minutes earlier.

          Show interest after the interview

          Ok, so the interview is over and they told you they’ll call if you get the job. Don’t just wait for that call, show actual interest even after the interview. Don’t also call them on the same day, way a couple of days and call the company. That way you’re only showing interest for the job position, you’ll also know if you didn’t get the job (as most companies won’t tell you), which allows you to keep searching.