20 gift ideas for gamers no matter the budget

20 gift ideas for gamers no matter the budget

One of the greatest advantages if you need to buy a gift for a gamer is the fact that you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to surprise him or her. With the 20 gift ideas for gamers that we have prepared for you, you will succeed no matter your budget.

Even if you don’t know exactly what kind or games or consoles your friend prefers, you can still make the best out of your gift, since we have some universally fun gift ideas that will make you score points with your gamer friend!

Here we offer you the best options for you to give the perfect gift. Read them and choose yours!

Gaming keyboard and mouse

A standard keyboard and mouse won’t be enough for gamers. They need mechanical and extremely responsive keyboards that are able to register multiple buttons hit simultaneously to perform complex commands. The same thing happens with the mouse, since gaming requires to adjust the mouse’s spatial sensitivity to meet the needs.

Some brands where you can find the best options are Mars Gaming or PickTech.

Super Nintendo Classic Mini

The greatest option for nostalgic people! This Super NES Classic has the original look even if it’s way smaller than the 90s original. It comes fully loaded with 21 games, including Mario Kart and Street Fighter II. One of the best advantages of this console is that it is compatible both with the Classic Controller and the Classic Controller Pro. Your friend will have the best 16-bit retro gaming experience updated for modern times.

Phone gaming controller

Since 2007, smartphones have been including many games and some of them are even funnier when played with a traditional video game controller. There are some specific controllers for iPhone and some others compatible with iOS or Android. The vast majority of them are wireless and have a long-lasting battery that, with an ergonomic design, will make gamers enjoy the experience on their phone.

Virtual Reality Headset

This gift may look expensive, but there exist some low-cost options, like the Oculus Go, which comes with built-in audio and vivid optics making it one of the best options of the market. Also, it synchronizes with other VR devices to achieve multiple players to interact in the same game.


Yes, we know it’s not a video game or an accessory but there is a great correlation between gamers and drones since this machines are so much fun to fly. This gift also has a great range of prices, so no matter your budget, you will find the best option.

Book ‘The Game Console: A Photographic History from Atari to Xbox’

If your friend is a gamer who also enjoys the culture around gaming, this book will take him or her through the evolution of video game hardware. Thanks to the full-color pictures, this book will be nostalgia trip that will teach him or her stuff about the consoles he or she knew existed and some others that might discover.

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set Pack

Does your friend have a Nintendo Switch? Then you might already know that there’s no shortage of accessories for it: tempered glass screen protector, protective cases, silicone grips for the Joy-Cons, wheels, tennis rackets, charging stations and more are included in some bundle accessories kits. Some of this accessories are a must to protect the console from scratches, dust or fingerprints and some others will maximize the gaming experience.

Copper Compression Gloves

Among the health risks gamers face are early-onset arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Copper compression gloves are especially designed to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow, which helps to relieve the pain and to reduce the swelling of muscles.

Gaming-themed bedding

Gaming-themed bedding can be a great decoration to a gamer’s bedroom. If you have a tight budget, this gift can be a perfect option since it will allow your gamer to decorate their bedroom and will be a nice addition to the deck furniture.

Blue light-blocking eyewear

It is well-known that extended screen usage can make a mess out of your eyes because of excessive UV exposure. That’s the reason why gamers’ eyes need protection. The best brand for this purpose are Swannies, the computer glasses that help to prevent insomnia, eye strain and some others harmful effects of long exposure to screens.

Sega Genesis Mini

If your gamer was a kid in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s he or she will most likely remember the Sega Genesis since it was the console of some favorites, like Sonic the hedgehog, Street Fighter or Castlevania. Now the Sega Genesis Mini gives you the chance to play this and other 40 games on your modern TV just by using an HDMI cable.

Noise-canceling headphones

To gamers is more than important to achieve the sense of immersion in the game, something that can be easily ruined by external noises. Luckily for them, headphones have evolved to a better sound isolation. You will find some noise-canceling headphones under $100 and over $450, so you can choose them taking your budget into account.

Gaming Clothes

Gamers are geek people, they can’t avoid it and we don’t want them to stop being like that. They like t-shirts with messages or drawings of their favorite games. Some of the funniest messages you can find imprinted on a t-shirt are:

  • I paused my game to be here
  • Away From Keyboard
  • Do Not Disturb: I’m Gaming
  • I don’t get older, I level up
  • I can’t adult now, I’m gaming

Phone cases for gamers

One inexpensive but practical gift for a gamer are the gaming-themed phone cases. You will only need to know his or her phone’s model to buy it. There are a lot of phone cases you might like, from characters to console simulators, so you will be able to choose from a wide range of opportunities.

Gaming chair

Comfort during long gaming marathons is very important, as any gamer would tell you. Some players dedicate 8 hours per day to play, so imagine the terrible back and neck pain the suffer. A gaming chair will make the sessions more pleasant and will help to avoid harm. Some brands we like are Kinsal and Mars Gaming, which offer the most comfort.

Funkos of their Favorite Game Characters

If you know which is the game your friend loves the most or his/her favorite character, you can opt to buy one of the popular POP! figures. They are not expensive and you will find a Funko for almost every single video game. Take profit of your endless opportunities!

Consoles Gift Cards

It doesn’t matter if your friend is akin to PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. The most practical solution for special occasions is to purchase a gift card and let your friend be the one to decide the use of it.

Projector for games

The best way to play games is on a big screen, that’s for sure. But not everyone can afford a huge TV, so projectors are the best option for a special present for gamers. The price may vary a lot, but with a low-cost projector your friend will be able to have the greatest time.

T-shirts or Hoodies for Gaming Couples

Maybe it’s not only a friend you want to give a gift but a couple! There are some options, like identical t-shirts or hoodies that are also gaming-themed. The best ones (both for price and quality) are the Razer’s ones, so check them out.

Eero Home WiFi System

You may not have heard of it, but eero is a system that allows to have the greatest WiFi speeds. It’s better than dual-and wireless routers and stops the floors and walls from being an obstacle that ruins the online multiplayer experience. As you are starting to guess… it’s the best ally to gamers.