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Plants vs Zombies 2

Its impossible not to like that game where plants defend a garden and house from zombies that like brains but that are also vegetarian (otherwise they wouldn’t eat all these sunflowers). And this was just the first version, because PvZ 2 brought lots of new scenarios and a new way to play it.

As seen on Plants vs Zombies Facebook page, the new update for PvZ 2 brings 16 levels to complete. And as usual, along with these levels comes new zombies, plants and so on. This time its beach levels, perfect for those that have already reached Autumn.

But it doesn’t end here. Since 31st October (Halloween for the distracted ones) is drawing near, some spooky content is coming up. The best of this update is probably the option to dress up the plants.

The beach update went available this week, while all the Halloween content is coming next week.