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GTA San Andreas

Fan of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto games? Yes, we too. And you know that you can play the first 3 3D GTA games on your Android or iPhone/iPad, right? If you didn’t know, we bet you’re very happy now, but the good news doesn’t end here. These 3 games have their prices lowered and we don’t know for how long!

The reason is simple: its the 10º anniversary of GTA: San Andreas, and for that reason not only San Andres but also GTA 3 and Vice Cty had their prices cut by half. If you’re afraid of the controls, don’t worry, because these ports were modified enough to give the player the best experience with a touch screen.

Prices range from 2,69€ up to 3,99€, which is almost nothing compared to the many hours of fun that each game offers.