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GoatZ, goats and zombies

One of the most popular simulators in the world is going to receive a pack / version with something we’d never expect: zombies. That’s right. After surprising us with a MMO version, now we have a zombie survival version, and this one is also available on Google Play and on the App Store. Zombies, zombies, zombies and a crafting system will be the set on this new goat adventure.

You can craft weapoins to deal with the zombies and you also must eat every 5 minutes in order to survive. So it’s not just killing zombies randomly, you’ll need to think fast to survive. The easy mode doesn’t have the hunger option for those that are looking for a less stressing mode.

Here’s a 30 seconds video that will show you what you can find on GoatZ (and yes, it sounds a lot like DayZ, the other zombie survival game):