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Angry Birds Stella POP!

Yes that’s right, a new Angry Birds game coming soon to our devices (Android and Apple devices, atleast). It’s name? Angry Birds Stella POP!. And it quite suggests what is it about: popping bubbles, just like any other bubble shooting game that exists since forever.

So forget any similarities to any other Angry Birds game, because the only thing related is its theme around the Angry Birds characters, in this case being Stella the star bird. If you have ever played Bubble Witch Saga (which most likely you have), you will notice some features are the same. In fact, we could say that’s basically Bubble Witch Saga with Angry Birds characters instead of cats and witches.

That’s not exactly a bad thing, people looking for a new Puzzle Bubble like game will find Angry Birds Stella POP! very refreshing, however don’t except to be as addicted as you get when a new Angry Birds game comes out.

This game is available already in Canada’s App Store as a soft launch, and we can expect it worldwide very soon this year.