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Grace of Letoile

Any fan of RPGs on portable devices know the company KEMCO, if it was on consoles we’d probably call them Square Enix or Level-5, simply because they are known for their huge library of (great, most of them atleast) 2D RPG games that usually mixes the classic turn based style with new features.

Today we announce that you can finally get their newest RPG, Grace of Letoile for your Android tablet and smartphone. Not only that, its launch came with a half price discount, so you can get Grace of Letoile for only 3,99€.

Another great thing about KEMCO games is that they are compatible even with old devices. If you have a smartphone with atleast Android 2.3, then you’re good to go.

We’ll leave you a trailer of the game, and you can check out the game on Google Play by clicking here.