Simple tricks to succeed on a video games development interview

Simple tricks to succeed on a video games development interview

It’s undeniable that the video games industry is getting more popular every year. The market is growing, jobs are getting better paid but also the competition is fiercer. However it’s easy to miss the basics of a job interview and end up not getting the job at all. If like many other people, you went to dozens of video game development job interviews and still didn’t get that dream job, read our easy missable tips and good luck on your next interview!

Don’t overdress

People tend to put on the best looking clothes for a job interview, and while for some business it’s important to be very well dressed, the gaming industry is a bit different. Usually contractors for this kind of business don’t really care that much by the way you look, they are more interested on what you can offer to the company. You can put back your Armani suit in the closet and dress more casually for your interviews.

Research and sell yourself

This next tip comes from our friends at Bizneo HR and is most likely one of the best tips for any kind of job interview Having a nice curriculum is very important for any job interview, but what if you jus got out of college? Maybe you have little to no experience on the field, so why should any company hire you? You have to sell yourself. Show them why you’re the right person for the job. Talk about your experience, why you’re applying to the position, your passion for game development, etc.

It also helps a lot that you research the company background, knowing about the business beforehand helps a lot knowing the kind of approach you need to take. Any contractor will love to know you’re done your homework.

Prepare yourself for all possible questions

Why are you applying to this job? Why video games development? Why did you quit your last job? What salary? Can you do extra time? More often than not, HR o whatever person will do your job interview will bombard you with questions. It’s very important to not also answer correctly, but also to show enthusiasm in your answer. If a contractor asks you why you’re applying, show your passion for the business and that you’d fit the company perfectly as you share the same vision.

Sometimes you’ll be tested as well. Be prepared for those, since even if you ace the interview but fail on their test, you won’t get the job for sure. Some research will allow you to learn the kind of tests that are common for these kind of interviews.

Be punctual and do not lie

We may feel that a little lie here and there increases the chances of getting the job, but lying can be a major step-back to getting any job at all. For example, imagine that you said you work perfectly under pressure, but it’s actually the other way around. Perhaps you get stressed easily and end up getting fired for not getting your work done. Always tell the truth, for both you and the company’s sake.

Punctuality is also a overlooked trait. Anyone can say they’re punctual, but how about showing it actually? Start with the job interview appointment, do not only show on time but also show up a few minutes earlier.

Show interest after the interview

Ok, so the interview is over and they told you they’ll call if you get the job. Don’t just wait for that call, show actual interest even after the interview. Don’t also call them on the same day, way a couple of days and call the company. That way you’re only showing interest for the job position, you’ll also know if you didn’t get the job (as most companies won’t tell you), which allows you to keep searching.