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Is it legal to use RTA in poker?

    Real-Time Assistance (RTA) is a technological tool that helps poker players during the game by providing instant information or recommendations. These resources are based on mathematical models, game theories or complex simulations to give precise advice on the best play in each situation. In essence, RTA seeks to emulate the logic of game theory to maximize the expected value of decisions at the table.

    RTA grades

    RTA grades vary in complexity and the influence they can have on gameplay:

    1. Low grade:Relies on general reminders or advice, such as predefined tables for starting hand strategies.
    2. Medium grade: Includes simulators or equity calculators that analyze situations in the moment, helping players estimate probabilities.
    3. High grade:Uses advanced programs that run complex simulations in real time, generating the best play in each scenario.

    How can RTA help me?

    RTA can be beneficial to players in various aspects of poker. It facilitates a faster understanding of theory and probabilities, allowing less experienced players to have access to optimized strategies without years of study.

    Additionally, RTA can bolster confidence in decision-making, making players less hesitant about their course of action. This, in turn, can help reduce costly mistakes during the game, such as calling bets when you don’t have the best hand or making ineffective bluffs.

    How can RTA help me

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    Differences between bots and RTA

    Although there are similarities, the RTA differs from a bot. A bot is an autonomous program that plays poker without human intervention, following a set of previously programmed rules or algorithms.

    Instead, the RTA provides recommendations for the player to make the final decision. It is a support tool, while a bot is a virtual player that completely replaces the human.

    Is it legal to use RTA in poker?

    The legality of RTA in poker depends largely on the rules of the room or platform where it is played. Most sites prohibit the use of tools that provide an unfair real-time advantage, especially those that reach the highest degrees of sophistication. The use of advanced RTA, which can automatically deliver optimal plays, is usually strictly prohibited as it provides a significant advantage.

    However, some platforms allow the use of support software as long as it is not in real time or is used outside of games, such as database analyzers, reviewers of previous hands or simulators to study strategies between sessions.

    To avoid problems, it is essential to carefully read the rules of each platform. Precautions to take include:

    • Do not use prohibited software during online games.
    • Avoid sharing information in real time with other players.
    • Use analytics software only to improve off the table.