What type of game is Animal Crossing?

What type of game is Animal Crossing?

Everyone is obsessed with the game of the moment. We are speaking, of course, about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even if this exclusive Nintendo video game was released on March 20, there is still a huge amount of people playing it, -some of them arriving to the 500 hours played- something we can understand if we take into consideration the updates and additions they implement to make the game more dynamic and funny, like the novelties adapted to the season or festivities, like they did in summer by adding the possibility to dive.

One of the most important features about this video game is that it allows you to customize the player’s face, hair, clothes… But not only that, you will be able to customize your house –wallpapers, floors, furniture- and even the patterns of the ground in-game!

But, what type of game is Animal Crossing and why so many players are obsessed over it?

What is Animal Crossing?

If you are here and know absolutely nothing about this game, don’t worry, you won’t need to look it up because we are going to explain to you what is Animal Crossing. Do keep up!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nothing more than the latest edition in a series of Nintendo games that date back to 2001. This series consists of communication simulation games with a non-linear system. This means that they have some kind of a beginning, but there is no middle and no end. Of course, it’s non-violent and it’s rated ‘E’, which means that can be player for everyone who is more than 3.

As a player, you will take the role of a human being in a village of round-headed animals and will need to take on tasks from some of the villagers and pay off your mortgages –the Bells you will owe to Tom Nook in order to construct and expand your house-, do some gardening and even fish and catch some bugs.

Objective of the game Animal Crossing

As we have explained, Animal Crossing is the kind of video game what has an open-ended life simulation, so this means the objective of the game does not exist per se, but the players are free to do as they like.

The only objective there exists is to pay the mortgage place upon your house, but this is entirely option, since there doesn’t exist any consequence if you do not do so. When you pay off you mortgage and create your tower, eventually you will become Mayor and you will be able to do some Public Works Project. But the most important thing is to make money to play for your mortgage.

The way to make money, actually, is by fishing and catching bugs, as we will explain next.

Fishing in Animal Crossing

The first thing you need to know is the three locations where you can catch fishes: rivers, ponds and the whole ocean. You can fish many items in the Animal Crossing series by using a fishing rod. Some of them will serve you to be donated to the museum in case you want to decorate your aquarium or even place it inside your house! Some others are more lucrative, this meaning that you can sell them to Tom Nook or Reese.

Fishing depends on the season. This means that some kind of fishes will only appear on summer –the time of the year where there is more variety and quantity-, autumn or spring. During the winter, unluckily you will not find many fishes, so maybe you should pass the time taking other tasks.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will find a total of 80 fish including rainbow trouts, anchovies, eels, barreleyes, etcetera. As a curiosity, we can tell you that some species you will find are not fish but aquatic species, like the octopus or the frog.

If you want a trick to maximize your success when fishing: don’t run near the water, since this might scare away the fish.

Catching bugs in Animal Crossing

Bugs are also collectable items in the Animal Crossing Series and you can catch them by using a net. As it happens with fish, bugs can also be donated to the museum, placed inside your house or sold to Tom Nook, but you need to know that most of them are not worth.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are 80 types of bugs and, if you get to catch them all, Tortimer will reward you with a golden net which will make much easier to catch butterflies.

Unlike fish, you will find bugs in all kind of locations: in the air, trees, rocks, grass, the beach, flowers and some of them are even hidden in snowballs! But you need to have in mind that some bugs will only appear if you perform special actions. It’s the case of flies, that require for you to leave trash on the floor or wasps, that will only appear if you make their nest fall.

Turnips in Animal Crossing

It all comes back to turnips, since they are the real way to turn rich and build the house you dream of. And it’s quite simple: you will only need to buy turnips, sell them and repeat.

Turnips can only be purchased on Sundays from Daisy Mae, a character that will wander around your island. Don’t worry, you will recognize her easily because of the turnips of her head.

Be careful if you buy them, because they will rot if you do not sell them within one week. Their price fluctuates, like stock market itself, so you will need to think twice, because will either win or lose money depending on when you choose to sell them.

To sell the turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you will need to go to Timmy and Tommy, on Nook’s Cranny. Be aware that they change the price twice a day, first in the morning and another time at 12PM, and price fluctuates madly, so you should try to sell them at a much higher price than when you bought them.

Another trick to sell turnips in Animal Crossing is to take into account that the prices differ within the islands, creating for you the chance to get a good price. Here is when it comes important to know people who also play this video game, so you can go to their island and sell your turnips there. Some people even publish on Twitter the price of their turnips on social nets such as Twitter of Facebook, so have a look there every day to make the best benefit.


As you can see, now that you have reached this point, Animal Crossing is the type of videogame were you will take pleasure in building houses, fishing and catching bugs. The most satisfying thing about this game is that there is no way to play it wrong because the rules are clear and it’s a lot like real life.