7 tips to win at poker online games

7 tips to win at poker online games

There’s plenty of people playing at poker online games nowadays, since it’s one of the easiest ways to have some fun online, with other people, and with the chance of winning some cash. However, not everyone is good at playing poker, so it ends up being a quite expensive hobby if you don’t know how to handle well your money. If that’s your case, don’t worry. It’s not that easy to be good at a game like poker, but here are 7 tips that will help you to win at poker online games. Pay attention and forget about losing money.

Learn when to fold

One of the main problems of some poker online players is that they don’t want to fold, even if they have a bad hand. That happens quite often because they think they can win, and even when they don’t think so, they just want to know how the game develops with them playing it. I know it can be weird, but people can be really curious, and, also, they don’t want to feel as cowards. However, and first of all, knowing when to fold is not being coward, it’s being smart, specially is you’re not playing only for fun but for money too.

Some players refuse to fold because that means losing their chance of winning, but not folding when you should could mean losing more money. If you’re not sure whether to call or fold when a new bet is made, you probably should fold. Also, and take this as a further advice, folding shouldn’t mean give up completely the game. You should keep paying attention and taking notes about how the game continues developing once you’re out, because that will help you to know if your move was the right one, and you can keep learning.

Play low-stakes

This is one of the most important tips you’re going to get when talking about poker, as they tell us at EasyPPPoker. Playing low-stakes is the number one rule if you want to play it safe. Obviously, you can raise your stake when you feel more confident as the games goes on, but if you’re new playing poker online the most important think you should keep in mind is to keep your stakes as low as possible. In order to know how to win at poker online games, you need to know how to play them properly, meaning that if you’re playing for the first time and you’re winning your first hands you’ll end up with more money, but if you lose them, you’ll just lose a small amount of money.

Play only if you really want to

Poker is a game, which means it’s supposed to be fun. There are many players who start playing to make money instead of having fun, and that could be their downfall. If you’re angry or you’re not really feeling like it, you shouldn’t play, not just because that could be a problem for your health, getting obsessive about a game, but because you’ll be better at poker online games if you’re in a good mood. If you’re not, you’ll not be able to see the good chances or to play well your hands, which will take to lose all your stakes. It’s quite difficult to not know if we’re in a good mood for a play, but a way of knowing if you’re ready to play is picturing yourself losing every game, and not being bothered by it. It’s your case? Then you can play!

If you opponents show weakness, attack

This is a quite simple statement, but a lot of players don’t make the right move when it happens. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know how to notice if the opponents are hesitating, so one of the first things you need to learn is how to tell if the other players are unsure about their game. You’re probably hear about bluffing, since it’s one of the main strategies at playing poker, so you have to learn how to perceive it. This kind of knowledge comes with experience, but, at some point, you’ll be able to tell if your opponents are at a disadvantage.

If you think they’re showing weakness, you have to attack and play more aggressively, because that will probably push them back and it’ll be easier for you to win.

Play in a single table if you’re a beginner

Playing online gives you the chance of playing in more than one table at once. Nevertheless, and even bearing in mind that playing like that is quite tempting, you should learn how to play in one table and feel confident with your game before playing multi-tabling. Poker rules are not really difficult to understand, but playing by them can be harsh if you’re still learning, mainly because you’re betting your money and you want to win, so you better learn how to do so.

Playing multi-tabling can be distracting and you could lose more than one hand, if not all of them. If you feel confident enough, and in control of what you’re doing, you can being adding tables to your game, but keeping in mind that there’s a slight risk of losing more money if you’re not able to pay attention to all of them the way you should.

Know yourself

I know, it sounds like some eastern Philosophy mantra, but we’re not talking only about knowing oneself as a person but as a player. Remember, as we told you before, if you’re in a good mood you’ll be a better player, but the best thing you can do to be good at poker (and, therefore, a winner) is to keep records of your games. If you do that, you can tell when and at what are you better, which ones are your weakness and your strengths, in short: what your poker skills really are, and what you need to improve.

Since we are used to exaggerate things, the best thing you can do is try some software designed for that kind of records, or write a journal to know exactly what and how happened, because that way you can’t be wrong, since you’re not only trusting in a few notes and your memory.


Sorry, but yes, you have to study if you want to become a winner. Poker online games are games, as their own name suggests, but are strategy games and have plenty of rules. Studying poker will make you an expert in a game, resulting in a better game and constant improvement. Luckily for you, poker is a really interesting game and there’s a lot of interesting information, so if you want to study it and take it seriously it won’t be boring or demotivating, but really captivating and even fun. So, give it a try, and remember: don’t study just poker, but yourself too.

Now, have fun!