Tips to improve your Wi-Fi connection

Tips to improve your Wi-Fi connection

Tips to improve your Wi-Fi connection

It’s a fact that everyday the popularity of multiplayer online games keeps increasing, and this is also a reality for mobiles games. Most of our smartphones connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, so it’s very important to have a very good connection / signal in order to have the best performance possible on any online game.

There are several mistakes that can be avoided and even some measures that can greatly help improving your Wi-Fi connection, and these are the kind of tips we will talk about today.

Use a Powerline Adapter

A Powerline Adapter is basically a device that allows you to extend the Wi-Fi signal through the whole house. This device is connected to your home electrical outlets and its greatest advantage is that you don’t need to think of the best place for your router, since the Powerline Adapter allows you to create several Wi-Fi points.

Calculate the best place for your router

If you don’t want to buy any extra hardware, then one of the most important things you should do is to place the router on the best place possible. If you put it on ground level you will most likely not get a strong signal and hence feel a lot of lag. Walls also dissipate part of the signal, so you have to see the best place to have the least amount of physical barriers possible.

Avoid multiple devices usage

With a Wi-Fi connection, any amount of devices can connect to the Internet using the same devices, but that also means the signal is shared by everyone. If two people are using the same Internet connection, both will feel a lesser performance than if they were the only ones using it. This is especially true people are downloading files or watching videos / streaming, this will greatly slow down the Internet speed of everyone connected.

Don’t let anyone steal your Wi-Fi connection

This is a very common reality: many of us have people connecting to the Internet using our router and we don’t even know about it. Just like the above tip, if they are using our Internet, they will slow it down and depending of what they do with it, they’re going to affect it greatly. Usually through the router settings you can verify how many devices are connected to the Internet and each Mac Address.

Change your router channel

If you leave in an apartment and your neighbors use the exact same channel / frequency as you, this will lower your signal strength. Through the router settings it’s possible to change the channel to one that has less users to improve the signal quality.

Reboot your router

It’s very important to reboot your router occasionally, sometimes a long uptime causes issues and so a reboot can really do wonders to your signal.