Pokémon games on iOS

Pokémon games on iOS

Pokémon on iOS

Any fan of Pokémon wishes to play their Pokémon games on portable devices other than the 3DS, or any older Nintendo system. And luckily (or not!) for iOS devices owners that “dream” came true with the launch of 2 Pokémon games: Pokémon TCG Online and Pokémon Camp.

Pokémon TCG Online, not for all devices

No matter how exciting a Pokémon card game on iOS might sound, not all iOS device owners can play it. Have an old iPad like the original one or iPad 2 (still one of the most used iPads), forget it. But do you have an iPad Mini? If its one of those without retina display, then you can also forget it. Only these 3 versions of iPad alone represent more than half the people that use an iPad, 55%.

Pokémon Camp, not for all ages

Pokémon Camp doesn’t face the same issues related to compatibility… atleast in terms of hardware. While anyone with an iPhone or iPad can play it, the problem is you won’t like the game unless you’re 6 to 8 years old, because that’s the target audience.